About me

After more than twenty years of re-enactment across a number of different periods, I have turned professional to share what I have learned with a larger audience.

I found my love of history through fencing.  I started fencing whilst at university, and
when I left University I joined a local fencing club and competed at county and international level.  Fencing then led me to fifteenth century re-enactment; where I learnt about normal day to day life of a common English man and also the military training for levy troops and a retained man at arms.  This in turn lead to an extensive study of old sword play from Roman all the way up to twentieth century Edwardian fencing.  Along side this I have also studied non military lifestyles across all these periods.

I have appeared in many stage, film and TV productions including Cromwell films and Blue Peter, and the BBC series "Filthy cities"

Other clients include Birmingham City council, Birmingham Museum and Art Galleries, English Heritage, Warwick castle, Cardiff castle, Kettering Museum, National Space Centre

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